You Are The Love of Your Life

Your TWIN FLAME AWAKENING PACKAGE is specifically designed to help busy spiritual boss babes prepare for and attract their ultimate soulmate.

TFL 111: Identify + Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks Dr. Amanda Noelle

Looking to finally attract a Beloved who truly supports and loves you on all levels? We have created this 6-module intensive training course to help you quickly identify your Twin Flame Love Blocks, align your heart, and heal your 11 Twin Flame Chakras so that you can prepare to call in your Twin Flame fast. 

Module 1 TFL 014: Identify and Bust Your Twin Flame Love Blocks
Module 1 Module 1: 0-1st Chakras - Foundational Chakra Grounding
Module 2 Module 2: 2nd Chakra – Emotional Baggage Drop-Off
Module 3 Module 3: 3rd Chakra – Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem
Module 4 Module 4: 4th Chakra – From Heartbreak To Heartbreakthroughs
Module 5 Module 5: 5-6th Chakras – Unleash Your Magnetic Goddess
Module 6 Module 6: 7-11th Chakras – Clear The Way For Twin Flame Matchmaking!

TFL 110: Let Go, Let Love! 6 Weeks to Clearing All Karma With Twin Flame Runners and False Flames.  Dr. Amanda Noelle

This is for you if you are ready to call in true, deep, divine surrendered love, and yet you have been calling in unrequited love, unavailable partners, or those who can't meet you on the level you desire... Not anymore! This course will assist you in awakening to what is real, and you'll set free the rest. Perhaps you’re ready to drop an unhealthy story, a history with an ex, a pattern from a childhood experience, or a limiting belief about how men or money can love you.... You will release your exes, call your power back from your past, clear your DNA and participate in Dr. Amanda's Guided Meditation to Clear Out Your Sacred Chalice of Past Lovers, and create a true Divine Love resurrection! 


Module 1 TFL 110: Let Go Let Love
Module 1 Module 1: Intro to Let Go, Let Love
Module 2 Module 2: There Is No They: Busting the Blame Game and the Power of Becoming Your Beloved
Module 3 Module 3: Love Trumps Fear: Surrendering to Sacred Love
Module 4 Module 4: Clearing Your Sexual Past and Energies With Exes
Module 5 Module 5: Unconditional Love and Surrendering Anger Towards the Masculine
Module 6 Module 6: A Dose of Discernment--Smart Love Techniques



BONUS! Manifest With ORGASM   Are you ready to Manifest Your Beloved With ORGASM!?

It might sound a little weird at first…it did to me too! 

  Yes, Manifesting With Orgasm is a pretty out there method and topic, but I teach it because it’s SO friggin powerful. When done correctly, it truly works. (And it feels good too!) 

  Manifesting With Orgasm aligns you directly with the orgasmic energy of Source Creation…

  Would you like to manifest… Your next gorgeous partner who pleases you, over and over again!? Your ultimate soulmate, aka your Twin Flame–a shining mirror reflection of divine love, your “other half”? Opportunities, miracles, and waves of abundance? Financial windfalls, or a steady 6 or 7-figure income? Goddess beauty–glowing skin, hair, body, and radiance that turns heads? Manifest With Orgasm is a sacred tool that I’ve discovered and used on myself and my clients during my years of exploration as a channel, a shaman, and a naughty but nice girl who was looking for love, but who got hurt by men. Orgasm is a gift from God, a tool we can use for a higher power if we so choose… I have discovered three very important beginner secrets to manifesting with Orgasm, are you ready for them? If so, watch the video tutorial here!