Blissness School Courses

Welcome to your courses which follow the 7 Chakra, 7-Figure ORGASM Formula!

Download the 7-Figure ORGASM Formula PDF here (coming soon!)

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MBA Sexy Signature System: The 7 Chakra, 7-Figure ORGASM Formula

Chakra One: Pussy Power (Blissful Grounding, Fukkit, P2PP, Tagline, SSS, Lead Magnet)

Chakra Two: Aphrodisiac Marketing (Crystalline Calendar Clarity, Aphrodisiac Market Research)

Chakra Three: Soulmate Client Attraction Launches (Sexy Strategy Sessions/Webinars)

Chakra Four: Sensual Sales (Our Six-Step System)

Chakra Five: Sexy Story Selling (Cootch-Copywriting)

Chakra Six: Unveiling Your High-End Priestess (Branding + Visibility)

Chakra Seven: 7-Figure ORGASMIC Manifestation (High-End Priestess Practices for Abundance)