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Welcome to the online campus at Aphrodite University! Just like Aphrodite rises from the seafoam on a clamshell, you are rising as a goddess of love. We are honored to have you here.

Whether you are a visitor, or a BA, MBA, or PhD student, we’re happy you’ve comitted to becoming the most badass, blissful, and bountiful version of yourself.


Bachelorettes! All BA SeaStars ready to ignite their Twin Flame Union will wanna get started here.


Launching your sext 6-figure blissness? MBA SeaStars get your cute little booties over here.


Passionate Healing Divas (PhDivas) ready to take on the world, please head over here!

Join SeaStarhood!

When a High-Healed Priestess can’t figure something out, she doesn’t waste her time figuring things out on her own. Instead, she calls in her sisters to:

  • Mastermind, mingle, and quickly manifest!
  • Network, ask questions, and give feedback
  • Breakthrough vs. isolate herself
  • Get held accountable and take action!

Join our tribe now to find your accountability partner, mastermind, network, connect, and play!

Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Essence With Aphrodite

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, bliss, creativity, fertility, sensuality, and sexuality–lives within you, and can be awakened so you can attract more love, abundance, beauty, and fortune in your life.

Each month on the 1st day of the new zodiac, you will receive a new transmission here. 

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